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Reflexology Masage Reiki & Aromatherapy Package



Refexology Reiki and aromatherapy


This modality is designed for people who are going through stress anxiety need to detox and inflammation, weight loss management, back pain and chronic body pain. It is designed to promote homeostasis, bring balance may help with weight loss detoxification toxins & heavy metals!


Your hands feet part of your back your spine and head have maps of your organs these are reflex points that are connected to the different organs of your body through Our ethnic body through the system of meridians called the therapy of correspondence. So when we stimulate those pressure points we are sending signals to the different organs to reset to its optimum health and well-being. There is oxygen and blood flow to the part of the body that may be deprived and movement of blocked energy or Chi. The body opens up like a drainage system moving out toxins and heavy metals. We have bio electricity in our body and through the electric magnetic process we are able to bring the homeostasis back to a body! Revitalizing and making it healthy again! It’s me also helping preventing diseases



This is a special session directed towards complete relaxation and intregration of mind body and spirit with personalized Aromatherapy 


7 session of 60 - 75 minutes

Call to book the appointment!

The client recieves the combination of different sessions that are differently priced and we average out to  $125  per session for 7  that comes out to be $ 838, whch can be also be  paid in 2 instalment of $448. please call to find more info or to consult,

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