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July 17 ,2022, 9:30am to 6pm



 Learn the history of Reiki


 Learn how to use Reiki for healing self & others


 Learn about Chakras & the Energy System


 Practice giving Reiki to Others


 Reiki Level 2 attunements


 Reiki Level 2 includes Training Manual


 Receive ongoing email & phone from Poonam



Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice of energy healing. It is a method of relaxation and stress reduction. When the body is tired or under stress, it is more likely to succumb to illness or disease. By helping the body to relax, Reiki may aid the body’s ability to heal itself. Through the channeling of the Universal Life Force Energy, Reiki may aid in all levels of healing: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. Whether you are looking for wellness maintenance or seeking aid in your personal healing process, Reiki can help you.


Reiki does not interfere with traditional medical treatments that you may be receiving. If you choose to use Reiki to aid in the healing process, you should continue to follow your physician's instructions and guidance. Because Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy, it cannot cause harm however, it may enhance the effectiveness of treatments you currently use. For example, when receiving Reiki treatments, the need for medications may decrease. Let your doctor know when you are receiving Reiki, so he or she can monitor your progress.


Whether you are interested in becoming more actively involved in your own transformational healing process, or seeking to bring this gift to others, Reiki training is an amazing gift. Each training includes attunements, your initial training session, and on-going support and guidance from a certified Reiki Master. Reiki training is available through workshops or one-on-one training sessions, including via distance training.


Reiki 3 Training & Certification (If you have had Reiki 1 & 2  training, please bring a copy of your certificate) thank you.


Cost: $300.00


Pre regististion required to reserve your seat; by phone or stop by center to register.


Lunch break and breaks are included in time schedule. Please bring a bag lunch.


There is limited seating! Call Soul Healing Holistic center to Register (484) 328-3288 or email: [email protected]





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