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Cord cutting with Archangel Michale


Cord cutting with Arcangle Michale . $188


We know we are made up of energy and frequency, as we are having experiences and relationships with others we create soul ties and emotional cords. How strong are these depend on the strength of relationships and the length of time . We may be stuck by choice or forced in these type of situations, it can be due to dependency, love connection or any other relationships.


These healing technique allows the practitioner to change and release the negative energy that is held in place by core genetic so level belief systems feelings and programs. These may be blocking your highest potential experiences of life and maybe preventing from being happy and having a fulfilling life. These cords are limiting negative and they can be very deep in our subconscious mind and affect the physical mental emotional energetics system. this session also releases from negative soul contracts.


It’s important to identify these energetic cords and when the client is ready to heal the process takes place! Archangel Michael is an angel of protection and strength with the help of his energy and the blue rays we are able to clear the negative energy.





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