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Spiritual Energy Recalibration Healing


Spiritual Energy Recalibration Healing Sessions with Poonam

Are you ready to free yourself from stress, karmic burden, guilt, depression limitations create true, lasting and sustainable inner transformation in your life?


This sessions with Poonam where she uses a combination of crystals, energy healing, working with Arcangle,7th dimentional energy and intuition. There are core discussions where she is able to help surface the issues or root cause the clients may be having problems with.

Once these issues are recognized she works energetically helping the client release them so the they starts to function with the blue prints who they are as soul and are able to realize what their soul purpose is here on earth and bring happiness and peace with in


The feeling of being abused, oppressed, hatred, anger can be replaced by positive thoughts, self loving feelings and by forgiveness. Poonam facilitates your personal transformation through helping you identify and clear conscious and energetic blockages and imbalances


 Regular 3 Sessions Healing are approximately 75 minutes.$450 , call to schedule appointment


Tele/ Sessions are  also available.





Call us at 484 328 3288 to book your appointment. Thanks!


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