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Himalayan Salt Pyramid Room - for one person


Come and zen out in our new Himalayan salt pyramid room infused with lots of positive energy and healing vibration. 

Himalayan salt environments are believed to naturally draw toxins and impurities out of the body, reduce inflammation, and improve respiratory ailments by clearing the lungs

 This salt is naturally produced from evaporated sea water; salt was only common near oceans and inland seas. In fact, it was so precious that Roman Legionnaires were paid their wages in salt.

What is Pink Himalayan Salt?

Despite its appearance - similar to sea salt in small, jagged pebbles - Pink Himalayan salt is actually mined salt, from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It's believed to be the healthiest of all types of salt and is one of the purest available. The unique salmon-colored hue of Pink Himalayan salt is due to the amounts of  85 trace elements (impurities) found within it. Many of these are minerals valuable to your body's functions, including manganese, phosphorus, potassium, and iron. It a great ironic charger

The minerals contained in this natural product are useful in aiding the treatment of migraines, sometimes in a matter of minutes.

When it assimilates into the body though skin and breathing the salt charged air , it could promotes the segregation of serotonin, a hormone that reduces pain and promotes well-being.This, added to its anti-inflammatory effect, calms the tension of the muscles in the head and diminishes headaches.The external breathing of these salts in the air  is an alternative treatment that  could help removes excess mucus in the nasal passages to control congestion.Its minerals clean the clogged passages and relieve breathing difficulties caused by inflammation by decreasing it.

Its essential minerals help to restore the natural pH of the body, and, as a result, it helps to avoid inflammatory reactions and chronic diseases

Personal experience of people also indicated the positive energy. Individuals experienced better memory and higher energy levels under a pyramid. Documented results showed higher alpha wave amplitude on people meditating inside a pyramid. The pyramid is the shape which resonates with cosmic energy, coming from the sun and outer space, to the earth.

The  shape of Pyramid  from above is like the Carbon Atom which is one of the base structures of creation. The Carbon Atom is a tetrahedron and has the inherent characteristic that when aligned to magnetic north is rings and sings. The pyramid shape acts like a lens and focuses the earth’s magnetism. A large volume of magnetic concentration exists within the pyramidal boundaries which helps protect the human body from adverse effects of negative energies and radio frequencies. With regular use, the pyramid therapy will help to create a beneficial environment for your body to function properly.

All pyramids, whether they are in Egypt or elsewhere on the planet earth, aligned to the magnetic north, which amplifies their energy.This energy is life force source energy, which surrounds all life form when active. Pyramid attracts positive etheric energy and converts the negative into positive ions.

We have many natural crystals in room that amplifies the energy of the room, these crytals have said to been earths in Earth's crust for millions of years have amazing healing frequences.

This kind of salt room helps with  less stress, better sleep, sharp focus, deeper breathing leads to better brain function, and mind body and spirit connection. Come and relax and meditate in our special space!  

On request we can send  you a gift voucture if you like to gift this holistic health service to a loved one or a friend. 

$25 for 45 minutes

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