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REIKI HEALING 60 Minute Session

$76.00 $108.00

REIKI HEALING 60 Minute Session


Intuitive Reiki/Energy Healing Sessions with Poonam.

These healing sessions use a combination of Usui Reiki, Crystals, Angelic energy and intuition. All of these energies work within the body to promote relaxation, stress relief and may help in releasing unpleasent thoughts or negativity that a person may be carrying.

Conie works with her client undertanding the issues that need to be addressed and uses modalities that she might be guided to use like chakra and aura healing and clearing and alignment along with Reiki..

During the session, energy blockages can be cleared allowing the flow of energy to the chakras and parts of the body in need of healing. These are non-invasive techniques which allow the client to remain fully clothed and comfortable.

60 minute sessions: $108

90 minute sessions: $135

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