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Theta Dimensional healing and karmic density release Level 1


Multidimensional healing and karmic density release level 1 

2 hour session

This session is designed  to work with frequency of transformative energy, working with 7 dimenstional energy that would help release humans from the density of their karmic creations in the SHIFT to becoming fully connected as multi-dimensional beings.

In freeing yourself of your karmic creations and liberating your consciousness to a multidimensional state, you can better support yourself in assimilating the higher light frequencies hitting the planet. This enables you to become a better vibrational match for the Fifth dimensional energies and allows you to be in your divine blue print so you can work with your soul's mission. We could help you! Call (484) 328 3288 for making your appointment with Poonam kaur

 Prerequist - soul retrevial , innerchid work  


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